I crave crazy

you aren’t enough

not enough passion

I want you to take me

in your arms

fuck me

as hard as

you can.

and pant over me

act like the animal

i want you to be.



I don’t want to hurt you,

it didn’t mean


nothing at all.

Please just forgive me. I want

your love. I feel like the biggest

fucking slut

in the world.

I just want you to leave her and

come back to me. where you

belong. Since our seperation

I’ve been so lost.

You’re the missing piece of me

and I will never function


without you.

So please, for fuck sake

come love me and


let me go.



These hunger pains are brutal

but each ache is inching me

closer to a beautiful body.

I will not break.



I feel like I’m about to explode

but at the same time

I don’t really care.

I don’t know myself, I don’t know

who I am, and what I do know

I don’t like.

I know it’s wrong for me to

take it out on you and

you have no idea why I’m

so all over the place. But

at the same time I love it.

Because when I’m not fucking

you over

you’re fucking me

over. and I’m just trying to stop

this messed up circle.

So how long until I go crazy?

Maybe I am already.



i won’t let this get me down

i’ll keep my head held high

and let you eat my dust.

if you really want this,

you’re gonna have to work for it.



I’m so glad that we got

out of there. I know things

are going to bee tough for a

while, but it’s worth feeling safe.

I’ve never been this content

with my life.

Never felt so good.



I feel so weak like there’s

nothing I can do. I can’t believe

that they do this to eachother.

love isn’t supposed to be about


especially phyisical pain. My mother

is gone temporarily. Now her pain

becomes mine.

I try to stay out of it. I act like nothing

is wrong when anyone mentions

something aboout home.

Why does it make them so angry

when I try to ignore it.

It’s like they try to drag me into

the hell they’ve created.

I can’t stand much more of this.

So tell me,

how am I supposed to explain the


and my swollen eyes?



I hate how everything is always

going perfect when you decide to

act like you care. I can never get

away from your grasp. I still hang

on every word you say.

We have this terrible viscious cycle

and I never cease to believe you when

you tell me you still love me.

I feel like I need to let it go, but

part of me

doesn’t ever want to.

As you’re sit in bed and wonder

what I’m thinking do you realize

I’m shedding tears at your expense?

I gave you everything and you still

want more. I don’t know what to


It’s been a year since we

seperated and I’m still not over it.

I guess what they say is true-

you never get over your

first love.



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