It’s ironic how I come to you

for love

and also find another connection

other than a romantic one. You

have everything I want. And I’m

glad you’re willing to share.

I know this is just the beginning

to a very special adventure.

And I’m glad to have you along

for the ride.

I want you to kiss my lips and

let the snow fall on me;

settling into my brain.

If you think I’m worried about us

being all about drugs&sex

you’re right.



I miss my dad even though I

know he is basically a stranger. I

miss the feeling of being able to relate

to someone.

He is the only person who is

just like me in every way, who would

understand my actions

and maybe help me find myself.

But I’ve grown to hate him. And I’m

just like him. When I look into

the mirror I see his face and

cringe. Does that mean

I hate myself?



I’m trying to think

straight, trying to do what’s best.

The route that is best isn’t


and definitely goes against

my nature.

I’d love to fuck you,

but I’d rather

be with you.

Can’t you just give me a chance..



I just want to

smoke a joint


make a little love.

Sounds great to me.



I feel oh so very lonely

and I’m not used to it. I’ve

always had someone to please

and to please me. I miss the taste

of flush skin on my tongue.

The gentle brush of hands in places

that make me giggle. And living in

the moment.

But I will not break.

I want to venture to places I have

forbidden myself to go.

Who wants to take me there?

I hope you do.



The last couple days I feel sort of

seperated from everything. I have

been thinking how much I have

changed this past year and

how far I still have to go. I feel sort of

numb. I don’t need anyone. And when

I sleep I feel like I’m floating off into

another dimension.

a place where everything

is clear

and so much easier.



I feel like a fucking animal

locked in a little cage.

Let me loose, please,

set me free.



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